NEWRA Northeast Window Restoration Alliance
Dedicated to the preservation of historic wood windows.

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Members of the Window Restoration Alliance share a common commitment to the preservation and restoration of historic wood windows. Our region's rich history includes the houses, structures, and communities that date back to the earliest settlements. Historic preservationists strive to keep this structural history alive and functioning. Windows hold a unique place in the character of a building. Windows often reflect the architecture of a period and they provide the practical benefits of healthful ventilation as well as offer portals to the outside neighborhood and community.

Alliance members are experts in window restoration and preservation. We blend traditional and modern materials and techniques to maintain the window's original practical function and architectural design. We share technical information about window work and sometimes work together on larger projects. We educate and encourage homeowners and communities to preserve their older and historic windows, not replace them.

Windows are an important architectural element of any historic building. They were designed to compliment the structure. No other element quite defines the period and quality of a structure like its windows.

Many historic windows have been replaced because they were drafty, operated poorly or were painted shut. All of these problems can be alleviated at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. Proper weatherization will eliminate the drafts and provide a smooth operating sash. Some minor maintenance projects such as rope replacement and lubricating the pulleys can be done at the same time.

Energy efficiency
- Vintage and historic windows can be made as energy efficient as new double pane windows. Most energy (warm or cool) is lost as a result of loose fitting sash. 
These problems can quickly be solved by homeowners or professionals using easily obtainable materials. With properly installed storms and weatherized windows, you can save money on energy and protect the value and aesthetics of your original windows.

Ease of repair - Vintage and historic windows were designed so that individual parts could be repaired or replaced if damaged. Sash cords, weights, pulleys, hardware and salvaged glass are readily available. Non-standard parts can be milled by local wood shops. The sash can be removed from the window openings, failed paint and putty can be stripped, missing or damaged parts repaired or replaced, weather-strip installed, and the sash reinstalled in good working order. More often than not, windows can be economically repaired, or fine-tuned to operate correctly for many generations to come.

Traditional Builders Conference March 13, 2009 Boston.
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Olde Window Restorers
Dave Bowers
Weare NH, 03281
(603) 529-0261

Heartwood Window  Restoration
Jade L. Mortimer
PO Box 114
1605 Mohawk Trail
Charlemont, MA 01339

(413) 625-8680

Window Woman of NewEngland
Alison Hardy
Amesbury, MA

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Pat Patrick
Marblehead, MA
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Winn Mountain Restorations 
Andrew Roeper
Lyndeborough, NH 03082
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